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Our Patriots

This list includes ancestors who contributed to the cause for independence through civil or military service during the American Revolutionary War.  These American Revolutionary War Patriots are listed by their state of service and are the ancestors of Ocotillo Chapter, NSDAR, members.

For more information on a particular Patriot, please visit the DAR Ancestor Search webpage.

For a list of acceptable services, see the Accepted American Revolutionary War Service webpage for more information.

Before proclaiming independence, the Thirteen British Colonies were traditionally divided into three regions:

New England Colonies (New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut).

Middle Colonies (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware).

Southern Colonies (Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia).

*Vermont is not one of the original Thirteen British Colonies.

map of 13 colonies

Ocotillo Chapter, NSDAR Patriots

James Huntington, Jr.
Alexander Vining
Martin Winchell, Jr.
John Cooper
William Culbertson
Thomas Pullen
William Fulton
George Tucker
Elisha Alden
Wells Chase
Benjamin Colby
Jonas Farnsworth
Jabez Holden
George Robert Twelves Hughes
Joshua Jackson
William Lindsey
Seth Pomeroy
Adam Rice
Stephen Taylor
Solomon Tracy
Wells Chase
New Hampshire
Richard Sinclair, Sr.
Matthias Stone
New Jersey
Richard Cheesman
Jacob Conine
Aaron Douglas
Benjamin Van Leer
New York
Benjamin Benedict
William Bull
Jacob Edick
Ignas Kipp
North Carolina
Abel Beatty
Isham Dickinson
Preston Goforth
George Glatfelder
Dietrich Heviner
John Mcneely
Charles Word
William Whiteside Sr.
Moses Andrews
John Auten
John Bonnett
Jacob Borah
Jacob Brosius
John Ewalt
John Holt
John McGranahan
John George Overmyer, Sr.
Jacob Poorman
Arthur Sinclair
Ephraim Walters
Henry Solomon Weiser
Francis Ottomar Ziegler
Nehemiah Hopkins Sr.
Nehemiah Hopkins Jr.

James Bunting
William Butler
John Chiles
Joseph Christian
Jeremiah Early, Sr.
Joel Early
Archibald Graham, Sr.
Richard Croshaw Graves
Obadiah Hooper, Sr.
Samuel Howard
George Leach
George Matthews
Shadrach Pearson
John Poage, Sr.
Jacob Prickett, Sr.
Moses Pullen
Morris Roberts
Zachariah Shackelford
Thomas Smith
Isaac Snodgrass
Dudley Stevens
Moses Sweeney
David Vaughan
Jacob Warwick
James Wilkerson
Rhode Island
Simon Whipple

South Carolina
John Dawson
Paul Hamilton
John Huger
John Rhodes
Thomas Word

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